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Hey guys,

since Eo Ut Mortus and bluri are trying for their personal use to create an application that can scout through every replay of an user and analyse the teams used (by showing items, moves, etc.), I thought why just not release my own application, so everyone can have something from it and noone has an advantage over someone else!

So what am I talking about?
The Showdown Replay Scouter!
This program can be used to analyse the used teams of an specified user in specific tiers using the Showdown replays!

Show it!

How does it work?
It is really simple!
First you have to enter the desired Showdown username or Smogon username and Showdown tier in the program!
Valid inputs are:
To search for all replays of a user:
To search for all replays for a specific tier of a user:
{username} | {tier}

FullLifeGames | gen7ou
Multiple inputs are valid!

After that, there are three locations from which you can get the replays:
The Smogon tournament Threads
After that, you can start to search for replays by pressing the "Search replays" button.
The program will search for all the requested replays with some popups.

After this is done, you see all the teams and replays of your specified input.
With the "Build team" button, you can build then a selected team.

For dumping the replays with the team analysis, you just have to press the "Replay Dump" button and then specify a save location. In case, you just want to have Smogtour replays in your dump, there is also an option for that!

Proof, that it works!
Some might already know my SPL week 2 post:
But here are some other examples as well:
Literally anything else, like "bluri | gen4ou":

These logs are so ugly!
Yeah, I know. That's why I made a page, where you can create a nice visualization for them:

Enough of it, where do I get it?
The program:
The source:

Have fun! :)
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Recently I came up with a ton of ideas for the Showdown Replay Scouter which would make it a whole lot better, so I took a little of my time and worked on them.

I now present you a all new Showdown Replay Scouter with many improved and new features:

1) The Showdown Replay Scouter now includes a function to go through the Smogon tournament section and searches for replays of a certain Smogon user posted in a replay thread, just a win post or a loose post. This function takes quite a lot of time, however it creates many new options which weren't possible before which is complimented by the second point.

2) A user related to a replay is now filtered on the similarity of the showdown nicknames to the provided nickname. For example if I would enter "ABR" and he would call himself "King ABR" or "RBA" the program would still detect the user in a provided replay on grounds of a close similarity.

3) In the old version there was no indication of progress and there was no feedback on where the program was at the current time. This was changed by adding a progressbar to every time consuming action with an indicator on what it is currently doing which should greatly improve user experience!

4) The Pokemon Showdown replay scan method was relying on opening a browser window and scrolling through all possible replays provided. This was now replaced with a headless method which no longer confuses the user and is much more clean.

5) Some bugs were fixed.

I'm really proud of the new version and hope you are excited by the new features!

You can download the new version here:
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