Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 42 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

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I'm trying to get some high-level Pick Up users. I have Diggersbys at levels 64, 51, 42, 42. Would like to trade for others due to xp boost.
If you don't mind a Rare Candy code I can level one of them up to 100 for you. PM me to arrange if yes. :)
Offer declined, so the above is still open to any other takers (AFAIK).
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Holy cow!! I just got the Gengar from the Deliveryman and the first one was a shiny!!!

Best luck ever. Too bad the nature sucks, but I couldn't SR for another, the odds for a shiny are so crazy. Wow!
I'm trying to complete some collections. I can offer stuff in my thread and my Bank Ball list in my signature. What I am looking for is:

Anyone around to do some cloning for me? Need my shiny Chikorita, Growlithe, Pumpkaboo, and Chev4's Rayquaza cloned (I know, it's a lot, I never realise when I run out of clones), you may keep a copy of each though they're all non-redis save the Rayquaza. PM me, please!
And btw guys .should I bother resetting for this Gengar? Or are the IVs always going to be trash? Doubt I'll use it anyways.
Events are usually collectors' items really, so depends on whether or not you think it's worth it. It takes a couple of days to get decent IVs, from experience (especially when random nature). Whatever you want to do.
Any use at all in TR Gengar? - HP Ice (I know the IVs don't compute, but that's what Serebii best guesses EDIT: and I won't RC unless I save on it) - Modest
Any use at all in TR Gengar? - HP Ice (I know the IVs don't compute, but that's what Serebii best guesses) - Modest
Not with that defense. Anyways, Gengar is too fast for TR :p

(Don't listen to DarkMilotic or Mewdraco. They're crazy :3).

Edit: Also, anyone have an extra code for the SW gengar event? Of course the US gets it, but my nearest gamestop is a few hours away :(. Feel free to CMT for it :D.
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